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Too Much Imaging

It’s a heads up for Ontario women who have had early-stage breast cancer. According to research in the Canadian...

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Shorter Work Week

Would a shorter work week make you happier? Maybe not, according to a study in The Journal of Happiness Studies. South...

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Aphasia Treatment

It’s an experimental procedure that could make life a lot better for up to 30% of stroke survivors. Those are the...

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Perfect Pitch

Here’s an encouraging finding for Zoomers who would like to develop musical talent later in life. A study from the...

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Aleve and Heart

U.S. health officials say the pain reliever in Aleve may be safer for the heart than other popular anti-inflammatory...

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Like People at Work

Do you like the people you work with? Your health may depend on it. A study published by the American Psychological...

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Valium and Zoomers

Here’s important information for Zoomers who are taking common medications like Xanax and valium. A French study finds...

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