How to Have Sex After a Heart Attack

How to have sex after a heart attack: Go slow, have therapy and DON’T go ‘on top’ New expert-drafted guidance has been released, urging doctors to give stroke and cardiac patients advice about how and when to have sex Guidelines … read more

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Dirty Dozen 2014

The Environmental Working Group is out with its annual “Dirty Dozen” list: a ranking of the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables that, based on an analysis of 32,000 samples tested by the USDA and the FDA, are most likely to … read more

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Nicotine Replacement Won’t Help Smokers

Here’s important information for anyone trying to quite smoking. New research suggests that nicotine patches and nicotine gum don’t help many smokers kick the habit and remain cigarette-free over the long haul, This conclusion is based on results of several … read more

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Purpose and Alzheimer’s

Do you feel your life has a purpose? If you do, you’re a lot less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment. That’s the conclusion of a study which looked at the positive aspects of life and how … read more

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Taste for Novelty Has Benefits

Do you make decisions quickly based on incomplete information? Do you lose your temper quickly? Are you easily bored? Do you thrive in conditions that seem chaotic to others, or do you like everything well organized? Those are the kinds … read more

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Shelf Life

This time of year, your fridge is probably packed, and you may be wondering if you can eat all that food before it goes bad. Confused about what to keep and when to toss? Here, a guide to the lifespan … read more

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Dangers of Sitting

There’s more evidence to back up research we first told you about in 2011. It’s important for anyone with a desk job or a serious screen habit. Three years ago, scientists in Australia found people who sit for extended periods … read more

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Bored to Death

It turns out the expression bored to death, is not just a turn of phrase… Two public health professors at the University College London discovered people who were very bored had a 37 per cent higher chance of dying than … read more

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Drinking Water and Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, here’s an easy way to boost your results. A scientific study shows that drinking two glasses of water before each meal will make you lose more. Researchers followed two groups of obese people aged … read more

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Seven Servings a Day

How much fruit and vegetables do you eat? That question came to the fore after a large British study found that eating seven or more portions daily would make us live longer. University College London researchers used the Health Survey … read more

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