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Moses Znaimer’s MZTV Museum of Television is Now Open for Business!

Moses Znaimer’s MZTV Museum of Television is now open for business at The ZoomerPlex in Liberty Village. Now you can see the largest collection of vintage television sets in the world PLUS, until the end of June, you can catch the English Canadian premiere … read more

Elvis Stojko Stars in Toronto Performance of “Chicago”

For most Zoomers, the name “Elvis” conjures up the King of Rock and Roll…but for Canadians Elvis is also the king of the men’s figure skating world. Richmond Hill native, Elvis Stojko will be back in Toronto later this month … read more

Marc Glassman’s Oscar Picks 2014

Every year, I pick ‘em and every year, I miss! That’s me and the Oscars. I try to imagine what an Academy voter would think but try as I might, I can’t seem to enter their minds. … read more

Sex After Kids

Sex After Kids – After a couple has children, the romance often dies—or at least is in need of skillful reviving. … read more

The Monuments Men

George Clooney has told an important story in The Monuments Men. Saving the West’s art treasures was clearly a worthwhile thing. But he hasn’t licked the problem of how to tell the tale.… read more

12 O’Clock Boys

Lotfy Nathan’s dedication and Pug’s charm makes 12 O’Clock Boys an exceptional experience. Filled with brilliant shots of young African-Americans gracefully performing wheelies in the streets of Baltimore…… read more

The Great Beauty

Critics have hailed The Great Beauty as a grand success across the globe. So why do I hesitate?… read more

Lang Lang’s New Video – “Why Bartók Rocks”

We recently discovered this fantastic new video featuring Lang Lang and jazz drummer Mark Guiliana – “Why Bartók Rocks”. The video shows the pair presenting a fresh jazz-rock inspired interpretation of Bartok and Prokofiev excerpts from the recent album. Watch … read more

Google Doodle Honours Artist Emily Carr

Today marks the birth of celebrated Canadian artist Emily Carr and Google honours Carr through their Google Doodle in which they depict a landscape reminiscent of Carr’s modernist and post-impressionist painting style. Emily Carr was known to source inspiration for … read more


Philomena is a strong, real-life drama. The story is fascinating and the revelations about the Church are—even today—shocking.… read more