Draft Day

The skinny
…Draft Day feels formulaic from beginning to end. The actors go through the paces but Costner looks bored and there’s not a hint of any passion beating emitted by Jennifer Garner or Costner.… read more

Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway is less a film than a series of outrageous set pieces. Some of Dom’s obscene and lengthy soliloquies are amusing. Here’s a sample: “You’re nothing but a pestilence, an uphill gardener with a weak chin. You’re a filthafising thief, that’s what you are. You think you can steal from me? From me? From Dom Hemingway?”… read more

The Unknown Known

The Unknown Known does show Morris at his most stylish. We see archival footage of Rumsfeld over the decades.… read more


Often compared to Omar, the Palestinian Oscar nominee for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, Bethlehem was a prizewinner at the 2013 Venice Film Festival.… read more

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Set in the mythical Central European Republic of Zubrowka between the two World Wars, this is the outlandish tale of the Grand Budapest Hotel. … read more


Enemy is based on the novel The Double by Nobel Prize winning author Jose Saramago. Like most of Saramago’s work, the story has fantastic elements… … read more

Cosmic Corner: Pleasure & Desire

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Taurus is about pleasure, pure and simple. Pleasures of the body, which bring peace to the soul. This is why, along with making for great foodies, the sign of Taurus is often listed amongst … read more

3 Questions with Measha Brueggergosman

We met up with Measha Brueggergosman the stellar Canadian Soprano who has been performing both as an opera singer and concert artist for a quick Q&A. What musician or artist is your guilty pleasure? I don’t consider any of my pleasures … read more

Elvis Stojko Stars in Toronto Performance of “Chicago”

For most Zoomers, the name “Elvis” conjures up the King of Rock and Roll…but for Canadians Elvis is also the king of the men’s figure skating world. Richmond Hill native, Elvis Stojko will be back in Toronto later this month … read more

Symphonic Poems

Symphonic poems (or tone poems) are extended orchestral works, usually in one continuous movement, which attempt to tell a story. Symphonic poems were invented by Franz Liszt in the mid-nineteenth-century, but before this time there were many works which performed … read more