Over twelve years of shooting and two and a half hours of film, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood gradually acquires the gravitas of an epic 19th century novel. Time passes in a manner similar to a masterpiece by Dickens or Tolstoy.… read more


EVENTIDE  VOCES8 (DECCA) BLANCAngèle Dubeau & La Pietà (ANALEKTA) A TIME FOR USAngèle Dubeau & La Pietà (ANALEKTA) LE BOEUF SUR LA TOITAlexandre Tharaud (DGG) MILOŠ ARANJUEZMiloš Karadaglić (DGG) PLAYJason Vieaux (AZICA) BEETHOVEN SONATASAngela Hewitt (HYPERION) HOMEWARD BOUNDBryn Terfel & Mormon Tabernacle … read more

5 of Opera’s Most Deadly Divas

The Top 5 of Opera’s Most Deadly Divas Murderous, salacious, backstabbing or vain each of these famous female opera characters have shown that there is no mercy to their wicked ways. Here is our choice for the top 5 all time most … read more

Doc of the Dead

Doc of the Dead Zombies seem to be everywhere these days—in a theatrical version of the ’68 classic Night of the Living Dead; on TV in the series The Walking Dead; in the sci-fi blockbuster … read more

Life Itself

Now, Roger Ebert is the subject of a documentary feature, Life Itself, directed by Steve James, whose Hoop Dreams is a contemporary doc classic, and co-produced by the legendary Martin Scorsese.… read more

Cabaret and The Philadelphia Story At the Shaw Festival

Two of the plays at Shaw’s Festival Theatre are also film classics. What makes Cabaret and The Philadelphia Story still work so successfully on stage—and why did the stories transfer so well to the screen?… read more

Obvious Child

For better or worse, Obvious Child is always going to be known as “that abortion comedy.” It’s certainly better than anonymity. … read more


Unlike most previous Inuit productions, Uvanga (which means “myself” in Inuktitut) depicts events taking place in contemporary times and doesn’t resort to the mytho-poetics of Atanarjuat … read more

Classical 96.3′s Gift to You: 2 Free Songs from VOCES8′s Latest Album

Classical 96.3′s Gift to You: 2 Free Songs from VOCES8′s Latest Album “Radiant’ and ‘luminous’ are adjectives that are perhaps overused in describing choral sound, but in this case they are fully deserved.” - Stephen Eddens on VOCES8 One of the … read more

The Double

Richard Ayoade’s new feature The Double is set in a steampunk universe in which Victorian buildings and attitudes still exist today, fully powered by retro-style machines that hearken back to the industrial age of the 19th century. … read more