Marina Tsvetaeva on My Name Is Not Carmen

“Life is a train station” – words written by Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva and lived by flamenco performer Yana Maizel. In her latest work My Name Is Not Carmen, Maizel explores her journeys between countries and cultures.

Life would be so much easier if my name were Carmen, then I wouldn’t always be obliged to explain ‘no, I am not from here, but from over there. I feel more as if I were from here than from there, but I’m not from there anymore, and I’m not really from here either. If only my name was Carmen.”

Maizel spoke to Jean Stilwell and Mike Duncan about her latest work, which will make its North American premier this week on on November 8th.

Tickets for My Name Is Not Carmen can be purchased in-person at the St. Lawrence Centre box office, online at or by calling 416.366.7723