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The New Classical 96.3 FM’s Pet of the Week – Dusty

If ever you were to call a boy beautiful then you would do so when describing Dusty. This stunning boy is a wonderfully calm and affectionate senior who plays like a kitten. He also loves to have his chin rubbed. … read more

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Pedometer and Movement

Do you have trouble motivating yourself to get up and walk around during the day? It’s especially a problem for those of us who work sitting at a desk, looking at a screen. There is an effective, low-cost solution. Researchers … read more

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WHO Sugar

How much sugar do you eat? The World Health Organization is again urging people to lower their intake. The global health agency has long maintained that  people should  make sure that no more than 10% of their daily calories come … read more

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Couples’ Meeting

We all fight with our sweethearts. Research shows it’s how we fight—where, when, what tone of voice and words we use, whether we hear each other out fairly—that’s critical. If we argue poorly, we may end up headed for divorce … read more

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Women More Generous

Do you and your spouse or siblings have different approaches to charitable giving? A study out of Indiana University says women are more generous than men when it comes to making donations. The research, prepared for the university’s Women’s Philanthropy … read more

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Prince Charming

Do you believe your spouse is your Prince or Princess Charming? Now there’s research showing that those who are unrealistically idealistic about their partners are more satisfied with their marriages than the realists. And the study authors at the University … read more

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The New Radio Concert Hall Series Archive: Leonard Gilbert

Sensational young pianist Leonard Gilbert joined us for a spectacular performance on Monday April 28th, 2014 LIVE from the ZoomerPlex. Born 1990 in Toronto, Canada, Leonard Gilbert is renowned for his sensitive touch, insightful playing as well as technical command. … read more

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3 Questions with Measha Brueggergosman

We met up with Measha Brueggergosman the stellar Canadian Soprano who has been performing both as an opera singer and concert artist for a quick Q&A. What musician or artist is your guilty pleasure? I don’t consider any of my pleasures … read more

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Spotlight On: Nouveau Classical Project

Photo Credit: Tuan Bui   The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP) is a musical group that presents classical and new music to emerge a diverse range of different audiences. They consist of 6 members: NCP is “A hybrid production hub and … read more

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Google Glass and Classical Music

Google Glass is a set of eye wear developed by Google that allows you to take videos, pictures and view other type of media all through the glasses on your face. You can send messages using your voice only and … read more

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