I’m Yours

Reviewed by Marc Glassman

I’m Yours

Leonard Farlinger, director and writer

Rossif Sutherland (Robert), Karine Vanasse (Daphne), Don McKellar (Phil), Nicholas Campbell (Daphne’s father), Gregory “Dominic” Odjig (Winston), Ella Jonas Farlinger (Natalie)



The buzz
The producer of Bruce McDonald’s Trigger and Reg Harkema’s Monkey Warfare and director of the Brad Smith adaptation All Hat, Leonard Farlinger is a highly respected member of Toronto’s Indie film scene and a TIFF favourite. The festival public gave Farlinger’s new romantic drama I’m Yours a nice reception when it premiered last fall at TIFF.


The genres
Road movie; romantic melodrama


The premise
Robert, a New York stockbroker unhappily spending his 30th birthday drinking with his pal Phil, picks up the gorgeous and mysterious Daphne in a bar and spends a wild night with her. He wakes up the next afternoon in a car, with Daphne in the driver’s seat, on the road to a place he’s never heard of before—North Bay. As the two journeys up North, they quarrel, meet quirky folks and—maybe—fall in love.

Each is harbouring a deep secret: Robert’s is financial and Daphne’s, intensely personal. Can they help to solve each other’s dilemmas—or will their encounter be brief and, ultimately, inconsequential?