Disability after Emergency

Disability after Emergency

It is a dangerous time for older Zoomers and researchers want to do something about it. A study out of Yale University finds that seniors treated in an emergency room for illness or injury are more likely to become disabled and less physically agile over the next six months.

It is well-known that if older persons go to the hospital and are admitted, they are at increased risk of disability and functional decline. But this work shows that patients who were deemed well enough to be released from Emergency to return home, are also at risk for functional decline.

The researchers tracked more than 700 people 65 and older over 14 years, including some who’d been treated in the emergency room and some who hadn’t.

Those who’d been discharged from the emergency room were more likely to be disabled, to be living in a nursing home or to have died over the next six months compared to those who didn’t go to the ER.

Bottom line, emergency rooms could do more to determine the disability risks facing these patients and help them.